Why should I care about a movie theater in Bedford?

The answer is simple… because this is a great opportunity to create a cultural hub for our community.  It will be good for adults who want to drive a shorter distance to see better movies, good for business in Bedford Village, good for real estate values, and good for our children, who will be able to take advantage of the cinema’s family programming and film education programs.

Will the theater feature first-run releases?

Absolutely.  But with a greater emphasis on independent, foreign and documentary films- the kind of quality film programming you now drive many miles to see.

What about parking?

Our most active time will be in the evening when parking in Bedford Village is most available.  We are working with the town to develop a long-term parking solution for the village that will benefit not only the theater but local businesses and their customers.

What’s the time frame?

Our goal is to open next year.

How do I make a donation?

Donate online or mail us your check or credit card information. To donate online, please enter a whole number in the window below (no dollar signs, commas or decimals) and click the Donate button.

To mail us your check or credit card information, please print and complete this donation form and send it to:
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