Founding Donors

($100,000 and above)
Susanne and Douglas Durst
Becky and David Gochman
Mrs. Francis Hatch
The Ralph and Ricky Lauren Family Foundation
Mark Lee and Ed Filipowski
Sarah Long and the Solomon Family
The Naddisy Foundation
Paula and Ira Resnick
George and Tamiko Soros
The Thompson Family Foundation
Melanie and David Worby

Leon and Debra Black
Edmee and Nick Firth
Charles and Carolee Jones
Kate and Gregg Lemkau
Vickie and Steve Morris
Susan Weber

The Louis and Anne Abrons Foundation
Alchemy Properties
Yasmeen and Ralph Bernstein
Coley and Susan Burke
Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones
John and Olivia Farr
Jeanne Donovan Fisher
Abby and Lloyd Gerry
Roger A. Goldman and Sandra Saiger
Page and Arthur Gosnell
Donald and Susan Greenwald
Eric Hadar
The Kilgallon Family
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Ledes / The Ledes Foundation
Laura and Alan Mantell
Stan Ponte and John Metzner
Adam R. Rose and Peter R. McQuillan
Deborah and Chuck Royce
Phillip and Donna Satow
The Seaborn Family
Kim and Doug Speegle
Ruth Toporoff and Michael Richman
Nancy Newcomer Vick
Ann and Kendrick Wilson
Bill Zabel and Deborah Miller-Zabel
Richard and Audrey Zinman

The Altman Family
John and Maija Arbolino
Vivian Pyle and Anthony Anemone
Ingrid Phillips Arredondo
Katherine B. Arthaud
Judy and Gordon Aydelott
The Family of William F. Banks
Randy and Gini Barbato
The Bauer Family Foundation
Bedford Historical Society
Darel and Carlos Benaim
Violaine and John Bernbach
George Bianco
Paul Bird and Amy Parsons
Jeremiah and Margot Bogert
Jill and Kevin Brenner
Stephanie Breslow and Paul Watterson
Judith M. Buechner
Allan Church and Janine Waclawski
Shannon and Wayne Cohen
Ellen and Whit Conrad
Jeff and Mary Cox
Beth and Wyatt Crowell
Ellie and Edgar Cullman, Jr.
Coldwell Banker Real Estate
Bob and Wendy Cushman
Pierre and Christian Daviron
Kevin and Susie Davis
Patrick and Kara Dennis
The Desmarais Family
Kathy and Peter DiBiasi
Bill and Jane Donaldson
Shaul and Laurie Dover
Edmund and Nancy Dunst
Alvin Einbender
David Ellenhorn and Roberta Goodman
Joyce Espy
Joni Evans
Judy and Tony Evnin
The Feidelson Family
Stefanie and Paul Feidelson
Greg and Melissa Fleming
Jonathan and Roni Foster
Anita Friedman
The Gage Fund
Marlene and Alan Gilbert
Dan and Kate Ginnel
Jill and Lee Goldman
Polly and Charles Goldman
Goldman Sachs Gives
Gordie and Cecily Grand
Evan and Sascha Greenberg
David Greenwald and Kitty Swift
Don and Meg Gregg
Sue and Bill Groner
George and Patty Grunebaum
Tony and Eve Guernsey
Laura and Ben Harris
Anna and Tony Hass
Lisa and Peter Hennessy
Eileen and Fred Hill
Jody and Todd Hirsch
Richard and Suzanne Hogan
Betty Goodman
Kelly and Andre Hunter
Linn and Bill Jackson
Laura and Joel Kaplan
Edward F. Kelly
Sue W. Kelly
Cassie Kernan
Keith and Susan Kroeger
Laura and Lewis Kruger
Dorothy and Cliff Lanier
Jeffrey and Jeanette Lasdon
Neal Leonard and Sue Wagner
Daniel Lerner
Blair and Diane Lewis
Robert and Elizabeth Mancini
The Manocherian Family
The Mara Family
Deborah Matarazzo
Brad and Pamela Mattes
The McGarry Family
Courtney and Michael McGinnis
Cecilia and Joe McKenney
Jeffrey and Leslie Mendell
Nevine and Steven Michaan
David Michaelis and Nancy Steiner
The Milbank Foundation
The Montross Family
Melissa and Christopher Morley
Payson and Grant Murray
Robert and Ann Natale
Maryam and Howard Newman
Bryce and Samantha O’Brien
Daniel O’Keefe
Marlene Paltrow and Christopher Hill
Pat and Peggy Patalino
The Thomas H.C. Patterson Family
The Peckham Family Foundation
The Pedretti Family
Jeff and Liz Peek
Maria and William Pence
Robert and Harley Raiff
Diana and John Rice
Frank Richardson and Kimba Wood
Donald and Madelaine Richenthal
Lexann Roland Richter and Andrew Richter
Heidi and Richard Rieger
Wendy and Stuart Ross
Ellen and Paul Roth
Pamela, Paul, Collette and Luke Salvatore
Mr. and Mrs. Camillo M. Santomero, III
William Sarnoff
Andrew and Denise Saul
Marjorie and Richard Schneidman
Mimi and Jason Schoenholtz
The Schroeter Family
Catherine and Paul Shaffer
Moses Silverman and Betty Robbins
Sara and Joshua Slocum
Ann and Richard Solomon
Jennifer Speers
Nina and Michael Stanton
Traci and Joe Stark
Judy and Michael Steinhardt
The Martha and Alexis Stewart Charitable Foundation
Bonnie and Tom Strauss
Seran and Ravi Trehan
Barbara Trotta
Tim Tynan and Family
Daniel and Annica van Starrenburg
Brooke and Jordan Vogel
Phil and Jane Waterman
Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Waterman
Sharon and Jonas Weiner
Steven and Maggie Wieting
Penelope Wilson
Coco and Eric Wittenberg
Cecilia and Ira Wolfson
Bong and May Yu
Henry Zachary and Margaret Downs

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